Premenstrual Symptoms in Women

The menstrual cycle in women is triggered by a change in hormones. This means that some changes in mood, weight, and energy levels are expected. However, severe premenstrual symptoms can be a sign of hormone imbalance. Learn about the symptoms of severe PMS and therapy options below.

What is Normal PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS occurs in women before their menstrual cycles. Normal PMS is characterized by physical symptoms including bloating, uterine cramping, headaches, tender breasts, sleep problems, low sex drive, lower back pain, constipation and weight gain. Normal PMS will also have some mood and behavioral symptoms. These symptoms include depression, irritability, anxiety, decreased alertness, and withdrawal from family and friends. All normal PMS symptoms should not be severe or long lasting enough to impact the quality of a woman’s life. PMS occurs in the second half of the menstrual cycle, between ovulation and the beginning of menstrual bleeding. For many women, there will be a difference between cycles in quantity of menstrual blood and severity of PMS symptoms.

What is Abnormal PMS?

The major difference between normal premenstrual syndrome and abnormal premenstrual syndrome is the severity of the symptoms cited. Abnormal PMS will have consistently severe symptoms every cycle and will not respond to self-care or over the counter treatment.

When Does PMS Naturally Decline?

Premenstrual syndrome naturally declines nearing menopause as hormone levels decrease with aging. PMS may also become less severe when stress is managed, exercise is consistent, and diet is balanced. Calcium, iron, and protein are important nutrients to seek out when premenstrual. Allowing time for extra sleep and reducing the number of responsibilities you have while premenstrual may also reduce PMS symptoms. One way to help combat severe PMS is through information collection: start your journey to menstrual wellness by keeping a detailed menstrual diary. There are many apps for this purpose as well as .pdf document templates that can be printed and written on. Once you have a detailed log of your menstrual experience, you will be better able to inform your practitioner what your symptoms and needs are.

What is BHRT?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT can help balance the hormones in a woman’s body and potentially lessen the symptoms of PMS. Offered by BioTE® Medical in the form of pellet therapy, this form of hormone therapy is administered consistently, providing the body with the hormones it needs at the pace it requires. Learn more by finding a BioTE Medical provider nearest you with our Find a Provider tool.

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Hormone Wellness

Hormone Wellness

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Are your hormones balanced?

“How do you know if your hormones aren't balanced?” You will likely feel unwell and not be able to figure out why. Balanced hormones can change your life. The practitioners certified by BioTE Medical have seen the life-changing results time and time again.

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Why are balanced hormones important?

Studies have shown that balanced hormones are necessary for good health and disease prevention for women and men throughout the entire lifecycle. However, balanced hormones become even more critical for health as we grow older and more susceptible to disease.

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What is hormone optimization?

BioTE® Medical optimizes hormone levels with bio-identical hormone pellets. Hormone optimization is a process by which levels of hormones throughout the body are equalized through continual absorption of BHRT pellets, leading to peak levels of health and well-being.

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How do BHRT Hormone Pellets work?

Hormone pellets release bio-identical hormones into the bloodstream continuously. These are tiny pellets just under the skin, typically placed in the upper hip. BHRT pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and are consistently effective for between 3 and 6 months.

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Age Healthier, Live Happier - The Book

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