What are Fast Bars?

After 20 years of extensive research, the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) discovered a nutrition formulation that supplies the body with specific foods while also allowing it to remain in a fasted state for a variety of life-enhancing, health benefits. Fast Bar™ was clinically tested as part the Fasting Mimicking Diet® and is the only nutrition bar that mimics fasting. It’s a great and delicious nutrition source to satisfy any hunger pangs while extending your intermittent fast until your next meal.

Why Use Fast Bars?

ProLon kickstarts cellular clean-up and rejuvenation, encourages the maintenance of healthy metabolic factors associated with aging, promotes energy and clarity, and may initiate targeted fat loss for a trimmer waistline.

Where to Purchase

Fast Bars are now available through our network of certified BioTE providers and are available in two delicious flavors; Nuts and Cacao Nibs, and Nuts and Honey.

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