The Science Behind BioTE Supplements

DEEP SLEEP is comprised of a proprietary blend of natural herbs and plant extracts that work synergistically with melatonin to help calm the mind, reduce anxiousness, and promote sleep. DEEP SLEEP is non-habit forming and can be taken daily to help improve sleep quality. Because the ingredients are l00% drug-free, users can expect to wake up refreshed without that groggy feeling.

What Can BioTE DEEP SLEEP Do for Your Patient?

DEEP SLEEP is an ideal tool for anyone who has trouble falling and staying asleep. This blend of natural ingredients is carefully formulated to help calm the mind, reduce anxiousness, and help promote falling asleep faster, waking up refreshed, feeling rejuvenated, and sleeping through the night. When taken regularly, the ingredients in DEEP SLEEP may also help promote a balanced mood and reduce stress.

The BioTE Standard of Care

Backed by BioTE® Medical, the world leader in hormone optimization, BioTE Nutraceuticals is the only product line created specifically to support bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Each product promotes optimal hormone balance through high-quality, essential micronutrients.

Where to Purchase

BioTE Nutraceuticals are only available through our network of certified BioTE providers.

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