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The Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men with Osteoporosis

Did you know that osteoporosis in men may be able to be alleviated or even reversed? It is possible through therapy from BioTE® Medical in the form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, also known as BHRT, pellets! Our therapy has been shown to relieve the symptoms of osteoporosis, allowing men to live a normal, healthy life. Learn more about BioTE Medical’s approach to osteoporosis therapy for men below. We also offer information on the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis as well as how to get in touch with hormone therapy providers for men below.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone strength and bone density when the mass of bones lessens. The human body continually absorbs older bone tissue and replaces it with new tissue. When osteoporosis sets in, new bone creation does not occur quickly enough to keep up with old bone tissue reabsorption. BioTE’s approach to osteoporosis therapy for men can help prevent or even reverse these losses.

What Are the Symptoms of Osteoporosis?

The symptoms of osteoporosis are nearly invisible. Many people do not know they have osteoporosis until they have a bone fracture or break. Pain may be associated with typical osteoporosis as bones lose their strength as well as mass and loss of height is associated with severe osteoporosis. Hormone therapy can help prevent or lessen these symptoms, making it an effective osteoporosis remedy. The idea of relying on osteoporosis therapy to relieve these symptoms can be intimidating, but your local Certified BioTE Provider is here to make sure that the entire hormone therapy process goes smoothly.

When Does Osteoporosis Occur?

Osteoporosis happens over time and generally affects people over the age of 50. It happens to many people over the course of normal aging and is not necessarily the result of poor diet, exercise or other forms of self-care. Osteoporosis therapy might be necessary despite your best efforts, so you’ll want an hormone therapy expert to handle everything. That’s where BioTE’s approach to hormone therapy for men comes in.

What are the Treatments Available for Osteoporosis?

While osteoporosis cannot be completely cured, its symptoms can be reversible through a couple of osteoporosis remedies. Vitamin D and calcium supplements are osteoporosis remedies that may help strengthen bones and lessen the effects of osteoporosis. One way that osteoporosis can be reversed is through conventional medications consisted of synthetic drugs such as ibandronic acid or risedronic acid. If these traditional osteoporosis remedies aren’t getting the job done, it’s time to consider hormone therapy from BioTE Medical. Our method of hormone therapy for men has helped numerous men overcome the symptoms of osteoporosis, and we can help do the same for you.

How Can Hormone Pellets Help with Osteoporosis?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets such as the ones offered by BioTE Medical treat the root cause of bone density loss due to osteoporosis in men. BioTE’s approach to osteoporosis therapy for men provides a consistent supplementation of the correct hormone, reversing bone loss and restoring wellness to the foundation of your body. Take steps towards extending your vitality, reach out to your nearest Certified BioTE Provider to learn more about osteoporosis hormone therapy today!

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