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The Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men with Heart Disease

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellet therapy may make heart disease more manageable in men. Learn more about heart disease, the symptoms and signs, the causes of heart disease as well as how men may be able to live their best lives with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets from BioTE® Medical today. Get started with hormone therapy from BioTE by connecting with one of our thousands of Certified BioTE Medical Providers. Learn more about our approach to heart disease therapy for men and how it can extend your vitality below!

What is Heart Disease?

There are eight very common types of heart disease that men are susceptible to. These types of heart disease include high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, peripheral artery disease, stroke and congenital heart disease. Most people do not associate high blood pressure with heart disease, but it is the most common form. It comes from the force of blood pumping through veins causing undue pressure on veins, creating a high stress environment that accelerates aging of the veins. Eating less salt and exercising regularly are ways that men and women may be able to lower their blood pressure without medical intervention. Stress management, quitting smoking and diuretics may also be able to help lower blood pressure. If none of these heart disease remedies work, it might be time to try BioTE hormone therapy for men. Our hormone therapy has helped numerous men relieve the symptoms of heart disease, and it can potentially do the same for you. The idea of heart disease therapy can be intimidating, but Certified BioTE Providers are on hand to make hormone replacement therapy process go as smoothly as possible. 

What are the Hormonal Causes of Heart Disease?

Estrogen is usually associated with women, but men rely on estrogen too. One of the causes of heart disease in men may be a decline in estrogen after aging. Estrogen has a protective effect on the coronary system, and the loss of it can be difficult for the body to adjust to. Along with estrogen decreasing, cholesterol also tends to increase, making things more difficult for cardiac health. BioTE’s approach to heart disease therapy for men treats the root of this hormone decline. Our therapy has helped numerous men who have found traditional heart disease remedies to be ineffective.

How Can Hormone Pellets Be an Effective Heart Disease Remedy?

By supplementing missing hormones with hormone therapy pellets may reduce the risk as well as the severity of heart disease. BioTE’s therapy has the advantage of offering a consistent administration of the medication which helps keep patients from experiencing the roller coaster effects of pills and creams. Pills, creams, and other remedies offer less consistent dosing, which is why patients prefer BioTE’s approach to hormone replacement therapy for men.

How Can I Get Started with Diabetes Therapy from BioTE® Medical?

Getting started with the BioTE method of therapy for men is as easy as using our Find a Provider tool on our website or using our Nominate a Provider tool to recommend that your healthcare provider become BioTE Certified. With thousands of locations in the United States, a Certified BioTE Medical Provider is likely much closer to you and your loved ones than you may think! Reach out to schedule an appointment for heart disease therapy and begin your return to wellness today.

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