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The Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men with Alzheimer's

One of the causes of Alzheimer's disease may be hormonal imbalance. BioTE® Medical's approach to Alzheimer's therapy for men, offered via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, may be able to help men reverse the root source of this terrible condition. There are many Alzheimer’s remedies out there, but only ours can help with the hormonal imbalance that comes with Alzheimer’s. Our Alzheimer’s hormone therapy has helped numerous men to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and it can potentially do the same for you. Learn more about the symptoms of the diagnosis and how BioTE’s Alzheimer’s therapy may be able to help below.

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's disease is a condition that primarily affects people over the age of 60. It's a connective tissue disorder in which the neural cells within the brain degenerate and die, taking the memories they and their loved ones have built over a lifetime with them. BioTE can help relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, so reach out to your nearest Certified BioTE Provider to learn more about our approach to Alzheimer’s therapy for men. Only our hormone therapy can help with the hormone imbalance that may cause Alzheimer’s.

What are the Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease?

The symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include

  • Confusion
  • Misplacing objects
  • Sudden agitation and excessive forgetfulness
  • A loss of appetite
  • Restlessness

These symptoms may increase in frequency as the disease progresses, and agitation and anger may be more present in men than in women. People with Alzheimer's disease may repeat their own words and the words of others without associated meaning. Confusion may increase during the evening hours. Eventually as the disease progresses, the sufferer may be unable to form any new memories or perform basic, day-to-day adult living functions on their own. Jumbled speech is also common in people with later development of this disease. If you or a loved one are suffering from these symptoms, BioTE’s Alzheimer’s therapy may be able to help. Contact your local Certified BioTE Medical Provider today to learn more about our method of Alzheimer’s hormone therapy.

How Effective is BioTE’s Alzheimer’s Therapy as an Alzheimer's Remedy?

If you’re looking for an alternative form of Alzheimer’s therapy, you should know that BioTE Medical’s bioidentical hormone replacement pellets may be able to reduce the impact of Alzheimer's in men by treating the cause, which may be hormonal imbalance. There may also be a genetic component and or situational component to the progression of Alzheimer's. Older people with little stimulation, such as those with a smaller social circle or less familial support, may have less resiliency against the disease and may succumb more quickly to its progression. The progress of the disease, however, can potentially be slowed with BioTE’s therapy. Only our therapy for men addresses the hormone imbalance that may cause Alzheimer’s. Our therapy has helped numerous men relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, so contact your nearest Certified BioTE Provider today to get started with hormone replacement therapy for men.

How Can I Get Started with Alzheimer’s Therapy for Men?

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    Helping yourself or someone you love to get started with hormone therapy begins with locating the BioTE Provider nearest you.

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    Simply look at our Find a Provider tool on our website and search for your city, state or zip code. There are thousands of Certified BioTE Medical Providers in the United States. With so many providers to choose from, it's likely that there will be plenty of specialists available in your area to supply you with Alzheimer’s therapy.

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    We believe that people should feel their best regardless of their age, reach out today if you are pursuing an alternative Alzheimer's remedy for you or your loved one!

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