Mental Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

A hormone imbalance can affect cognitive function in a number of ways. Studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy may help relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance, including brain fog, lower mental capacity, and more.

BHRT Mental Benefits for Women

Women going through menopause are at a higher risk of low mood or mood swings than those with normal hormone levels. Studies have shown that BHRT treatments may help prevent these symptoms in menopausal women. The BioTE method may help treat these symptoms by optimizing hormone.

Improve Cognitive Function With BHRT

As we age, it becomes more likely that we will experience the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, including brain fog and lower mental capacity. If we suspect that hormonal imbalance may be affecting our cognitive function, learning more from a local certified BioTE provider is a smart option.