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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Mequon, WI 53092

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Millions of individuals are impacted by hormone imbalance every day. From fatigue, and weight gain to severe mood changes, and low libido, many are left with feelings of discomfort, unaware of how they may help alleviate these common issues. YourMD, SC in Mequon, WI specializes in addressing these and other early indicators of aging through precision, personalized patient care plans that optimize hormones and extend patient healthspan.

As a Certified BioTE® Provider, YourMD, SC is proud to offer BioTE Medical's method of hormone therapy in their Mequon, WI office. With more than 1.7 million insertions performed, BioTE Medical’s method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may help men and women experiencing hormone imbalance. Contact YourMD, SC to schedule an evaluation and learn how restoring hormones to their optimal level may address specific health concerns.

Meet Our Practitioners

Richard Lewis MD

My goal for developing Your MD is to develop a primary care clinic where both the patient and the doctor are able to develop long-term, trusting relationships and as a result, deliver excellent care. I graduated residency in 1997 and took a position with a physician-owned clinic to develop a Family Practice Department at a newly opened satellite in Hartford, Wisconsin. From outset, my practice flourished. Building a practice, providing quality patient care, and developing my skills as a Family Physician were all personally enriching. I learned more about taking care of people during the first 5 years of practice than my entire 4 years in medical school and 3 years of residency. In addition, I have earned Board Certifications in both Urgent Care and Family Practice. There are a few extremely important aspects of caring for people that I consider non-negotiable. 1. A doctor needs to be easily accessible to the patient. 2. A doctor must be able to see the patient when they are both healthy and sick. 3. A doctor must be able to take his/her time when caring for another human being. Take away any of these, and I could no longer care for a person as their primary care physician. Each of these elements is based upon fostering an authentic provider/patient relationship – one in which the physician has the time to appreciate the patient as a unique human person – and is aware of the complexities of each individual’s situation. Take away any of these non-negotiable elements, and I could no longer care for a person as their primary care physician. Over the years, as both my own practice style has matured and the business of medicine has evolved, I have found that my commitment to providing high-quality patient-care, within the context of a genuine provider/patient relationship, is a standard that I cannot compromise. Medicine is more of an art than a science. Each person has a unique personality with inimitable strengths, weaknesses and problems. There is no "cookie-cutter"
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LuAnn Moraski DO

My mission is YOUR health and wellness. I joined YourMD because Direct Primary Care (DPC) gives me the opportunity to help individuals and families realize their health and wellness goals efficiently, affordably, and personally. We get to know each other, set goals together, celebrate successes and realign when our plans need to change. You will save money while having a better patient experience. In DPC, we eliminate the administration and overhead required by insurance companies, and this allows us to take care of our patients at a much lower cost. Transparency matters. I can tell you exactly what our services cost in advance, so you can maximize the value of every healthcare dollar. I’m here when you need me. Kids don’t get sick during business hours and accidents don’t happen on a schedule. We designed our office hours around your daily needs and take into account the unexpected. Your concerns are taken care of as soon as possible during the day, and I will do whatever it takes to provide care after hours, even home visits. You can trust in my experience. As an academic primary care (Medicine-Pediatrics) physician, I lived, breathed, and taught all aspects of patient centered care. I specialize in the care of healthy families, complex disease management, adolescent medicine and women’s health. After my academic career, I worked in private practice as well as large clinical systems. I live in Whitefish Bay, with my two children, two dogs and love to kayak. “Patients deserve primary care that works in the reality of their daily lives.” -Dr. LuAnn
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