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Age Healthier Live Happier! A Book by Gary Donovitz, Founder of BioTE®

The founder of BioTE® Medical, Gary Donovitz M.D., wrote Age Healthier Live Happier, which is a book about his clinical experience treating patients with bioidentical hormone replacement via subcutaneous pellet therapy—commonly known as pellets.

After seeing so many people struggle with the effects of hormone imbalance, Dr. Donovitz was inspired to educate the public about how pellet therapy can change their life for the better. Donovitz believes that one patient can make a difference. Learn about the recommendations outlined within his book, the conditions that may be able to be treated using this method, and how you can get started feeling better by ordering the book today!

What is the Intention of the Book?

Gary Donovitz M.D. and BioTE Medical are committed to changing healthcare and helping people age healthier and live happier. The central tenet of the book is that hormone balance offers a genuine opportunity for people to have more successful careers, better relationships, and more productivity throughout their lives. Gary Donovitz M.D. founded BioTE because of the need to find a solution for patients.

This Amazon-bestselling book by Gary Donovitz M.D. is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and at your local Certified BioTE Medical Provider’s office! Learn more about the therapies he advocates for the alleviation of depression, anxiety and weight gain through reading the book Age Healthier Live Happier. The therapy detailed in the book is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, (BHRT) also known as hormone replacement therapy via subcutaneous pellet insertion. Gary Donovitz M.D. has personally performed thousands of pellet insertions over the last 20 years of his practice and has seen firsthand how remarkably the pellets can be. Click here to have a preview of the book emailed to you!

Who is Dr. Gary Donovitz M.D.?

Gary Donovitz, MD, is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist whose hallmark passion for wellness is exemplified by his leadership of BioTE Medical LLC, a company he founded and is changing health care through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Donovitz has built a 30-year career compassionately caring for his patients as a clinician, a leading innovator, and an international teacher of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a field in which he is a pioneer.

A champion of changing health care through an individualized, comprehensive treatment of hormone optimization, he is a recognized expert and international lecturer in subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy. BioTE has performed more than 1.2 million pellet insertions to date, the company having successfully taught the technique to thousands of practitioners nationwide.

Additionally, Dr. Donovitz is a leader in robotic surgery and has trained physicians across the country on how to perform operations using this procedure. He received the Isadore Dyer award for best teaching resident while studying at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and the medical director of the Institute for Hormonal Balance.

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