The Leader in Hormone Optimization

To date, the BioTE Method has made it possible for over 4,700 providers to deliver individualized care and ongoing treatments, with an overall continuation rate of 93% rate and an adverse event rate of less than 1%.

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BioTE Medical is a leading innovator in Precision and Preventive Medicine. We have translated over 80 years of scientific insight into clinically validated medical protocols that identify and treat the earliest indicators of aging.

Precise Dosing is Key.

Our proprietary, high-powered computational platform helps ensure that a patient’s personal experiences, concerns, and clinical symptoms are heard and recorded in concert with lab results and other diagnostic tools. Hormone insufficiencies cannot be assigned a lab value, and symptoms do not occur at any definitive threshold. They are unique to each patient. The Diagnostic Platform is the cornerstone of individualized patient care, delivering the right diagnosis, the right treatment, and the right outcome, in a timely manner. Based on four million permutations, this robust tool has a 95% accuracy rate.

BioTE Approved Compounding Facilities

Bioidentical hormone therapies, including subcutaneous pellets and creams, require precision compounding processes and exceedingly accurate quality control. BioTE uses USA-based outsourcing facilities to create the highest quality, customized subcutaneous pellets. BioTE insists on an E Beam sterility validation process), sterility, potency, and endotoxin testing performed by a third-party testing lab, environmental monitoring for every bioidentical hormone pellet batch, and has a dedicated quality assurance unit that conducts four different validation checks prior to completion of an order. All pellets are created with a proprietary bioidentical hormone pellet compounding process for consistent, repeatable quality. BioTE Testosterone pellets will be within 3% of their intended potency, and our Estrogen pellets within 5%.

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