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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Providers

The BioTE Method is the hallmark of Precision and Preventive Medicine. Our cutting-edge medical protocols deliver a lifetime of personalized patient care and individual treatment programs based on specific conditions and patient goals. We educate providers on how to capture patient-centric information, provide a data-driven diagnostic and dosing platform, and have curated cutting-edge treatment resources. To date, the BioTE Method has made it possible for over 4,700 providers to deliver individualized care and ongoing treatments, with a an overall continuation rate of 93% rate and an adverse event rate of less than 1%.

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This program ensures that advances in research and innovation are rapidly communicated to providers and clinics. BioTE’s state-of-the-art training facility hosts physicians, healthcare providers, and medical staff members monthly. Over 4,700 providers in more than 2,400 clinics nationwide have successfully completed this rigorous curriculum and clinical training program ensuring the highest safety, efficacy, and results for every patient. Upon completion, each provider is teamed with a Mentor who is committed to providing continuing support and guidance.

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