The BioTE® Mission

Hormones are one of the most important regulators of our bodily systems, and as we age, or in some cases earlier, these hormones can become unbalanced, causing a variety of unwanted side effects and leading to, or complicating, costly health issues. BioTE® Medical believes that we may be able to age healthier and live happier, while avoiding over-medication, through hormonal balance.

By partnering with medical providers, BioTE® Medical is educating practitioners on the scientific evidence of the roles of hormones and supplements to support improved health, and we’re sharing a better method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and superior complementary supplements that can help people improve vitality.

The World Leader in Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Our hormone pellets deliver either bioidentical testosterone or estrogen subcutaneously. They are inserted just beneath the skin, where they release a continuous stream of bioidentical hormones over three to six months, as the pellets are absorbed into the body.

The BioTE® method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses pellets developed to our own exacting standards for precision dosing, which exceed FDA standards. These are produced using proprietary technology that ensures superior quality and consistency.

Each patient’s pellet therapy is customized specifically to their needs based on extensive lab work and an office visit with a certified BioTE® provider.

Pellet therapy is paired with the BioTE®-backed nutraceutical line CORE+, created specifically to supplement BHRT and help support hormone health.

More than 5,000 practitioners trust BioTE®’s proprietary pellets, continuing medical training, and superior line of complementary supplements, and we have helped over 500,000 men and women age healthier and live happier.