Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women

pellet therapy

Pellet Therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy using the pellet method has changed the manner in which women age. In the past, women died more frequently in childbirth, PMS was an imaginary problem, and menopause, with all of its age-related infirmities, was just another stage of life to be endured and lived with. Today, we know that we don't have to accept hormonal imbalance as a grim reality. Natural hormone replacement therapy has helped improve not only the quality of our lives, but also how long we live them. Some doctors continue to say that women should stop whining and embrace our menopausal woes, but why should we when the remedy is as simple as replacing missing hormones?

estrogen pellet therapy

Estrogen Pellet Therapy

Estrogen is a woman's most important hormone. Studies have shown, without hormone replacement therapy, the loss of estrogen puts her at increased risk for premature ovary failure, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer's disease, tooth loss, impaired vision, Parkinson's disease and diabetes. The longer a woman is without the protection of estrogen, the greater the risk for serious health consequences of these conditions.

There are estrogen receptors in a variety of organs throughout the body. That's why hormonal imbalance produces different symptoms such as loss of skin elasticity, bone shrinkage, moodiness and cognitive decline. On the other hand, when estrogen levels rise as they do in the first week of menses, their overall effect is to increase the amount of serotonin available in the spaces between the brain's nerve cells. That improves mood. Within the brain, estrogen may in fact act as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer. It is therefore essential that a woman suffering from premature ovary failure or surgical menopause receive treatment from an HRT physician who understands the many ramifications of the disease and is willing and able to meet her endocrine and emotional needs.

testosterone pellet therapy

Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Studies have shown, testosterone hormone therapy can provide a woman with mental clarity, increased libido and muscle tone and mass. When this hormone is at low levels, women often complain of mental confusion, weight gain and poor muscle tone, even with regular exercise.

The effect of hormone deficiency on the brain, muscle, bone, heart and metabolism can be significant without hormone replacement therapy for women, and it can be dangerous to long-term health. The brain needs normal amounts of testosterone in balance with estrogen to produce serotonin, which supports emotional balance. When lacking in these hormones, a woman will experience emotional instability that often results in increased anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, anger, sadness and depression.

The musculoskeletal system is also adversely affected by the loss of testosterone. By not having bio-identical hormone therapy, the deficiency or imbalance of testosterone can lead to muscle atrophy, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and pain in the muscles and joints.

"The Tale of Two Sisters"

Carol and Anne were 35-year-old twins who were suffering from the same symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, low libido and sleeping difficulties.


Meet Carol

Carol visited her primary care practitioner about her issues. Carol's practitioner prescribed an anti-depressant to address her primary concerns, even though this class of drugs has been shown to decrease sex drive and cause weight gain.

She's now overweight, still has no sex drive and no energy. Concerned about her weight, she is prescribed a diet pill. She's concerned about her increasing anxiety, so she is prescribed an anti-anxiety medicine and a sleeping pill for the sleep disturbances.

Because no one understood how important hormone balance was to improve her mood, mental clarity, anxiety, bone building, heart health, diabetes prevention, weight control, breast cancer protection and Alzheimer's disease prevention, she is on a lifelong host of medications that merely act as a "band-aid" to her symptoms.

Carol is still tired, miserable, overweight, depressed, irritable, can't think, and has no sex drive!


Meet Anne

Anne sought the advice of a hormone balance expert. After an in-depth consultation, her hormone expert narrowed it down for her. She was suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Anne had a blood test for hormone imbalance, something her sister never tried. Her testosterone was indeed low! She chooses hormone therapy.

Two months later, she feels amazing! The depression, anxiety, mood swings, fatigue and sleep issues disappear. And what an increased libido! She returns to her workout routine, looking and feeling young again!

She is fit, lean, exercising, and is on no extra medications. Anne's hot flashes and menstrual changes have begun. Not a problem for Anne! Her hormone balance practitioner has simply added a bio-identical estrogen pellet to her testosterone therapy and natural progesterone to balance her estrogen.

Anne sails through her menopausal years with minimal, if any, setbacks. Her baseline bone density scan is normal, her cholesterol levels are perfect and her body mass index (BMI) and blood work is all within range. She shows no indication of diabetes and her blood pressure is normal.


has energy, mental clarity, sharp focus,
AND an amazing sex drive!


"I have had hot flashes for over 10 years and have tried numerous conventional hormones and natural remedies without much success. My sex drive was almost non-existent. I was fatigued and depressed. Almost instantly after my first pellet insertion I found relief! I would highly recommend the BioTE® Hormone Replacement Therapy; it's a life saver!"
SF, Patient
"I am extremely pleased with the results of this procedure. Over the past six months I noticed an increased energy level, more restful sleep, mental sharpness and an overall increased activity level. My sexual stamina also improved! I would recommend this treatment to others who want to feel better in every aspect of their lives."
Chris, Patient
"Hormone therapy has improved my hot flashes to the point that I have forgotten that I had them!"
Chandra, Patient
"I saw a noticeable increase in energy after hormone therapy which really allowed me to live my life again."
Damian, Patient

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